Questions and Answers about Boleman Contractors


How many years have you been in business? How many homes have you built?


Established in 1986, we have been in business for 27 years and built hundreds of homes in the northeast Georgia and North Atlanta area.


Are you a Licensed Contractor?


Yes.  In fact, we hold a General Contractors License…not just a Residential Builder License. We are licensed to build skyscrapers …if we wanted to.  Georgia GC License # 1000060


Is your company fully insured with liability and workers compensation?


Yes.  We will be glad to provide you insurance certificates, and proof of worker’s compensation insurance on each of the individuals who will work on building your home.


How do you compare yourself to other builders?  What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?


We have been building custom homes for more than 27 years.  We have experience in commercial construction as well.  We do not build spec homes.  Our scheduling and project management experience exceeds that of most other residential builders.  Many of our workers have worked for the company for more than 20 years. You can be assured that the workers, and craftsman working on your home are the best available.


How and when will the final price for my home be determined?


After the plans are final, we have detailed specification and finish schedule forms that we fill out with you so that we know just about every detail on each room in the house prior to a final quote.


Do you provide the homeowner with a copy of the same written “scope of work” you provide your staff or the “trades” for every day work will take place?




Do you provide a written timetable for project construction?




What is your change order policy?


When the homeowner requests a change, or a necessary change is identified by a superintendent, all parties agree upon changes and a written change order is signed before work is begun.


What type of warranty do you offer on homes you build?


We offer a one-year warranty on workmanship.  Many manufacturers of building materials such as with roof shingles, plumbing equipment, mechanical equipment etc. offer longer product warranties.


What guarantees do you offer?


The manufacturers guarantee and or warranty for any product or material that is used in the construction, will be available to you.  We will provide you a well-organized binder with all warranty and guarantee paperwork at the completion of the project.


Why should we choose your company?


We have years of professional experience, quality workmanship and craftsmanship, a solid, reputation and excellent customer communication skills. We believe that building a new home should be fun, exciting, and rewarding for everyone involved. We keep you thoroughly informed throughout every stage of your home and we quickly respond to your questions or concerns.


From design to completion, we will make sure that your new house…becomes your new home!