residential general contractor gainesville, residential contractor gainesville, residential home repair gainesvilleIf you are lucky enough to have a home in the perfect location, isn’t it worth it to make it the perfect home for your family? If you’ve outgrown it, or need some new “work at home” spaces, consider remodeling. A residential general contractor is a home remodeling professional who organizes and executes larger remodeling projects. 

More than “home improvement pros”, they deal with complicated design and architectural ideas to provide a homeowner by adding space or making better use of an established space. The GC is in charge of home improvement contractors, or what are referred to in the field as “subcontractors”. In Gainesville, look for a local team with the skills and expertise to create a home to love for years to come. 

Residential General Contractors In Gainesville

Residential contractors oversee and coordinate nearly every aspect of a home improvement or remodeling project. They hire the other skilled professionals: plumbing, electrical subcontractors, painters, flooring installers. Whatever trade or professional services are required, the general contractor will schedule the subcontractors so that work is completed in the most efficient order.

Qualified contractors are familiar with local building codes and the industry standards that apply to your particular project. They also have proper licensing, worker’s compensation and insurance to take on the liability for property damage or injuries that may occur. In addition, should something go wrong, the general contractor will be responsible for having it made right and for the costs to do so.

General contractors also have a role in the validity of certain product or material warranties. Roofs, windows and other features (especially those that are critical to structural integrity and long-term performance) may have warranties that will be voided if the work to install them isn’t performed by a qualified and certified contracting professional.

When to Hire A GC 

An average kitchen remodel takes 5-6 weeks to complete with an electrician, a plumber, a countertop contractor, a cabinet contractor, a flooring pro, a painter, and someone to install the appliances. The main advantage of residential general contractors is that they not only effectively  coordinate and schedule all of these other professionals, they are also accurate in estimating all bids using local labor force.

Here are some quick rules of thumb

  • If the job is going to take more than a week, hire a GC.
  • If the job requires several different pros to complete, hire a GC.
  • If the job requires a few permits, hire a GC.

If your home isn’t working for your family, engage a partner with the expertise and ability to help you transform your home. Founded in 1984, Boleman Builders are residential and commercial general contractors providing quality construction services in Gainesville.  

Our residential general contractors are dedicated to creating and maintaining a track record of excellence in new construction, renovation and restoration services. Above all, these residential general contractors are dedicated to our customers and deliver excellence and craftsmanship to their projects.